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Yula Zdanovska tuée pendant le bombardement de Kharkiv

Yula Zdanovska, jeune mathématicienne ukrainienne, a été tuée pendant le bombardement de Kharkiv. Elle avait participé aux Olympiades EGMO (European Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad) en 2016 et 2017 où elle avait obtenu une médaille d’argent.

Incredibly bright, passionate, kind human being. Yuliia loved kids and mathematics. As a winner of various competitions in mathematics and computer science, she was able to choose any career path she wanted. She decided to follow her dream and to teach kids and revolutionize education. She was going to teach kids in small towns and villages, who didn’t have the privilege of high-quality education. When the war started, Yuliia chose to stay in Kharkiv and help, because this was her hometown. She said, “I am staying in Kharkiv until we win”.

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